Granny's Bay

Granny's Bay

The cove-like area of seafront near to the White Church at Fairhaven, between Lytham and St Annes, is known as Granny’s Bay.

Turn off Clifton Drive at the cross-roads adjacent to the church and head along Ansdell Road South towards the coast. The Bay and sea beyond open out in front of you with a big, wide view of the horizon. You can even see the Southport coastline beyond the water where the River Ribble meets the Irish Sea.

Looking across Granny's Bay to Southport
Looking across Granny’s Bay to Southport

Take advantage of free seafront parking to enjoy the amazing view – and of course the sunsets. Or head a little further north to the seafront pay and display car park adjacent to Fairhaven Lake.

Google map showing where Granny's Bay is
Google map showing where Granny’s Bay is

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Granny’s Bay forms a small sheltered cove against the promenade. Here you can take a walk, watch the wildlife and get close to the beach.

The official name for it is Stanner Bank. ‘Granny’s Bay’ is named after Lady Clifton who brought her grandchildren here, many years ago.

Sunset over Granny's Bay
Sunset over Granny’s Bay

Strengthening Granny’s Bay

A major sea defence scheme is underway in Fylde, at both Fairhaven Lake and Church Scar headlands.

Sea defence works at Church Scar Headlands
Sea defence works at Church Scar Headlands – you can just see the diggers at the left.

In addition to funds which had already been secured, Fylde Council was awarded an extra £2m in September 2018. The additional funds from the Environment Agency brings the total spend to £21,825,000.

Granny’s Bay is being redeveloped as part of the Sea Defence Project. The sea defence walls are being replaced along with the current work at Fairhaven and Church Scar headlands.

Sea defence works underway at Granny's Bay
Sea defence works underway at Granny’s Bay which is currently fenced off. You can see the new works at Fairhaven Lake through the fence.

This extra work will effectively connect the headlands to protect over 2,400 residential properties from coastal erosion and flooding for the next 100 years. When finished the works will create a natural looking, high quality public realm that blends into the beautiful coastline.

VBA Ltd are the contractors working on Fairhaven and Church Scar and they are working on the detailed design for Granny’s Bay.

Work Begins at Granny’s Bay

Work is due to begin at Granny’s Bay in July 2019. It’s part of the £22m coastal protection project in the borough of Fylde.

Coastal defence works at Granny's Bay, between Lytham and St Annes
Coastal defence works at Granny’s Bay, between Lytham and St Annes. Photo: Fylde Council

The team is delivering the works between Fairhaven and Church Scar quickly and competently. Because of this, the good news is that the Scheme’s funding is also able to cover the cost of consented works at Granny’s Bay. So it can be carried out during this current construction campaign.

Granny’s Bay will be fenced off from Monday 15th July and construction works will begin the following week.

Duration of sea defence works at Granny's Bay, Lytham St Annes
Duration of sea defence works at Granny’s Bay, Lytham St Annes

The entrance at Stannah Bank car park will be needed as a site compound for the works. These works will reach to the currently placed works at Church Scar.

It’s good that the extra works at Granny’s Bay can be completed now. Church Scar and Fairhaven both remain on programme for public thoroughfare on 31/03/20, as programmed.

Final piece of the jigsaw

Councillor Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee for Fylde Council Said: “This is the final piece of the jigsaw and will mean that we have a wonderful new foreshore. It will be pleasing to look at and use as a recreational resource, and provide shoreline protection. I am grateful to the team who have worked tremendously hard to secure this investment for the Fylde.”

Councillor Thomas Threlfall, the Council appointed representative for the Fairhaven and Church Scar Sea Defence project board said: “We are excited to be able to provide a seaside resort in Fylde fit for the next century. A lot of work has gone into including Granny’s Bay into the sea defence upgrade as one project, rather than requiring a return of contractors and upgrades for this area at later date. I would like to personally thank the project team, VBA and the Environment Agency who continue to work successfully together to deliver the project.”

Failing defences

The Sea Defence Project is replacing the sea defence walls. The existing coastal defences are time expired and have been failing. The current concrete coast defences were built in the 1890s and have been undergoing emergency repairs every year to prevent a major breach.

The project will provide new coast protection as well as an upgrade to the promenades to help protect from coastal erosion and make sure the area is both a great place to live and visit. On completion over 2,600 properties will enjoy the benefit from the new coast defences.

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