Views Across the Sea

Views Across the Sea

If you’ve got the legs to climb the sand dunes near Squires Gate, you’ll see spectacular views across the sea from St Annes.

Standing tall on one of the few coastal high spots it’s a fabulous view along the coastline and inland. Behind you is Blackpool Airport and the former Pontins holiday site, along with a different perspective of nearby streets.

Views Across the Sea from St Annes

St Annes is marked on the map below with the red pin. Looking out from the shore, the view to your left across the Irish Sea is of Southport, North Wales and Anglesey.

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A little further south and the Irish Sea is about to meet the wide mouth of the estuary of the River Ribble at nearby Lytham.

Google map of views across the sea from St Annes
Google map of views across the sea from St Annes

Southport is to your immediate left across the water. Turning slightly further right is Formby, then North Wales, and finally the furthest point in the water is Anglesey.

The view of the beach itself is worth a look. It’s a very flat, sandy beach with a tidal range of just short of 10m. Because it’s so flat, there can be a mile of beach between the points of low and high tide!

Sunset Views Across the Sea

One thing that the Fylde Coast is never short of is a beautiful sunset. All throughout the year the sky lights up with the most beautiful reds, yellows and pinks. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are all equally good times to see them. It just needs to be a bright and clear day for it to end on a beautiful sky – each one as amazing as the last.

Sunset views over the sea
Sunset views over the sea

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