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Aerial view of St Annes seafront and beach from Quadrographer13Aerial view of St Annes seafront, Pier and beach from Quadographer13

seafront gardens at St AnnesSeafront gardens at St Annes

waterfall and ponds at St AnnesWaterfall and ponds at St Annes on the seafront

amusements and things to doThings to do at The Island Complex

Seafront at St Annes

The seafront at St Annes has wide, open natural beaches, beautiful gardens, plus seaside attractions for all the family.

Have a look around the seafront of the Victorian seaside town of St Annes.

The seafront at St Annes has wide, open natural beaches, beautiful gardens with waterfalls and ducks, plus seaside attractions for all the family.

Have a look at the glorious sandy beach on a beautiful summers day in this aerial footage taken by Quadographer13

The long, straight roads of North and South Promenade provide an attractive north to south drive along the seafront at St Annes.

Along North Promenade you’ll find large properties on the landward side, some in individual ownership and others are apartment blocks, either converted from period properties or in a variety of recent architectural styles.

These properties have spectacular views across the large sand dunes which flank the seaward side of the road. Naturally formed, these provide at least some protection from the westerly winds and airborne sand, which blows from the huge, golden sandy beach that lies beyond.

Sand dunes of North Promenade at St Annes
Sand dunes of North Promenade at St Annes

Much of the waterfront at the northern end of St Annes is this natural dune systems, fronted by a huge sandy beach due to the wide tidal range of the Irish Sea.

This beach was internationally known for sand yachting, which was suspended after a visitor tragically died after being struck by a sand yacht. In 2015 beach sports were back with a Windsports Regatta, after some successful trials have been held and new safety measures put in place. St Annes is popular for kite flying and kitesurfing – after all there is little shortage of wind on this coast!

Seaside St Annes

At the junction of the promenade and St Annes Road West, which is the main shopping area at St Annes, you reach the seaside resort of St Annes itself with the waterfront hotels and holiday accommodation of the area.

Here, you’ll find a good selection of high quality accommodation, all designed to give you a perfect UK break, in your choice of period and modern properties.


St Annes Pier

This junction is also where you’ll find St Annes pier, set in attractive surroundings of the typical British coastal resort, including an attractive bandstand and sea front gardens with a pond and waterfall complete with resident ducks.

Bandstand on St Annes seafront

You’ll find parking here along with Danfo public toilets (20p a go), and a seafront promenade footpath, along which you can walk right round the coastline, past Fairhaven Lake and onwards to Lytham, or head north towards Blackpool.

Whether on foot or by car, travel along the coastal route and you’ll pass The Island complex, with restaurants and a cinema, along with outdoor children’s amusements, gift shops and a cafe – unusually housed in stationary railway carriages!

You’ll also pass the new RNLI all-weather base, plus a waterfront cafe and small pleasure lake.

Cafe and RNLI shop on St Annes seafront
Cafe and RNLI shop on St Annes seafront

Further along you reach the much larger Fairhaven Lake, where again, the coastal footpath heads around the waters edge, or the road runs against the sea front.

Finally, the road rounds the corner inland to the crossroads at the White Church, where you pick up Clifton Drive to return left to the centre of St Annes, or take a short drive right to Lytham.

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Google map of St Annes seafront

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