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Shopping in St Annes

St Annes provides a good range of really nice quality stores, and an excellent afternoon out shopping!

With all the stores arranged side-by-side in a compact town centre, it’s a short walk from one store to the next, interspaced with plenty of cafes and bars, or seating where you can sit and have a breather, ready to continue on your shopping mission.

St Annes shopping centre has plenty of high street names, including a Sainsbury's, Tesco, Boots, New Look, M&Co, and similar, along with plenty of local independent stores. You’ll find boutiques and clothes shops for all the family, along with food outlets, gift shops and homewares.

St Annes also boasts its own independent department store, JR Taylor. On a large corner plot it sells all the usual things found in a department store - clothes, accessories, cosmetics, homewares and gifts – along with a uniqueness of product lines and taste.

If you are looking for something special, or different, and like to be able to buy nice things for yourself, your home or your friends, then St Annes is certainly the place for you.

St Annes Road West is a wide and attractive centre to the town, which is landscaped on both sides with town centre gardens, beds and public seating areas. Each year, the centre of town bursts into colour through the hard work of the In Bloom team, which sees hanging baskets and beds transformed into amazing displays of blooms.

The side streets off St Annes Road West are lined with independent stores and you'll find pretty much most things are on sale here.

You’ll find pay and display car parking along one side of St Annes Road West, and next to the Pier, with an additional NCP car park just behind JR Taylors. Free car parking is available on side streets around the town centre and along the full length of the promenade.

St Annes Road West
St Annes Road West

St Annes town centre

St Annes Town Centre


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