Dog Friendly Places in St Annes

Dog Friendly Places in St Annes

Many people take their dogs with them when they go out – we do here at Visit Fylde Coast. The high street is always dotted with people babysitting dogs. You’ll usually see them chatting to each other and dog loving passers-by. If that’s you, you’ll want to know the dog friendly places in St Annes where you can take your pet.

Dog friendly places in St Annes*

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to add to this list. There must be many more. If you know of any others please get in touch and tell us. We want to know of shops, public buildings, hotels and more.

  • Bar 10 and Bar 15
  • Blackbird, Station Road, Ansdell
  • Bonney Fabrics
  • Bon Marche
  • Boots
  • Cafe Nero
  • Cafe on St Annes Pier
  • Cancer Research
  • Cumbria Hotel
  • Fresh Cafe
  • Jazz Emporium on Wood Street, St Annes, previously Silantro’s
  • London Hotel
  • Naafi Cafe
  • New Look
  • Number 10 Ale House
  • Old Railway Carriage Cafe, St Annes Seafront
  • Pavillion Cafe in Ashton Gardens
  • Serendipity Spiritual Church., Pensioners Hall, St Albans Road, St Annes
  • The Cumbria Hotel, Derbe Road
  • The Vic Vault
  • Vanilla Cafe
  • Waters Edge Cafe by the boating lake on the promenade
  • Whitegates Estate Agents

* these businesses are believed to allow dogs at the time of publication – all details published in good faith. If in doubt please check first.

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Around the Fylde Coast there are a number of businesses who will allow you to come onto their premises with your dog.

Find out about other dog friendly places on the Fylde Coast.

Responsible Owners

Please be a responsible owner and ALWAYS pick up after your dog, then bin it. Any bin will do for dog poo.

Also, be aware of restrictions on taking dogs on beaches during the months of the summer season, from 1 May to 30 September.

Benefits of being a Dog Friendly business

There are over 8 million dogs in the UK. That’s a considerable amount of pets and all of their dog mums and dads could be spending money in your business.

The majority of dog owners are responsible and the average dog does much less damage in a shop than a wilful child with an ice cream!

After all, carried or walking, most people would only take their dog onto commercial premises if they knew that they could be trusted. You just wouldn’t show yourself up if your dog did something it shouldn’t do in the middle of a shop.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad dog – only bad owners!

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