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Fleetwood Museum

Have you Been to Fleetwood Museum?

Have you Been to Fleetwood Museum?

Do you love Fleetwood and the Fylde Coast? Why don’t you visit Fleetwood Museum and see the past come to life! It’s a historically important building in its own right. It houses an important collection of history from the fishing industry and from the local area.

The Museum is the only officially accredited one on the Fylde Coast, and has a unique position within local heritage tourism.

Events at Fleetwood Museum

There’s a busy programme of events throughout the year at Fleetwood Museum. There’s all kinds of things to do, for local adults and children and the many visitors to the Fylde Coast. Find full details here of what’s on at Fleetwood Museum

Regular events include:

  • Coffee mornings in the cafe with the Friends of Fleetwood Museum
  • Talks at the Museum
  • Guided walks around Fleetwood
  • Fundraising book sale in the adjoining Dolls House
  • Songs in the Museum
  • Monthly children’s Craft Events

Just  get in touch – phone 01253 876621 or email – and please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

Opening Times

16 April until 30 November 2019

Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am – 4pm
Plus Bank Holiday Weekends

During the winter months Fleetwood Museum still welcomes visiting groups. It’s a perfect time to bring a large party of people and have the place to yourselves! Why not book a visit for this winter?

Just  get in touch – phone 01253 876621 or email – and please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

‘Collecting Fleetwood’

Is a new temporary exhibition, open until the end of the season. It showcases some of the amazing material donated to Fleetwood Museum in 2018-19, the first year as an independent museum.

See stunning ship models and artworks by Keith Sutton and JW Green. Fascinating objects covering many aspects of Fleetwood history, and amazing colour footage of Fleetwood from the 1950s. This exhibition will offer you an insight into Fleetwood’s rich history.

Let the Museum know what you think they should be collecting, and also what you collect yourself!

16th April to 30th November 2019

See the Past Come to Life at Fleetwood Museum

This seaside town has a fascinating past – it was one of the first planned towns in the UK. When you know it’s secrets and where to look you can still see traces of its history all around you. You might already know the names of Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood and Decimus Burton. Find out all about the town’s founding father and his renowned architect.

Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood
Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood

One of Fleetwood’s Earliest Buildings

The Museum building itself is one of the earliest buildings in the town. Come and look round inside to find out about its origins as the Customs House. Follow the exhibits up and down the corridors and stairs and see how the building has changed over the years. After being threatened with closure, the museum is now independent and funded by the people of Fleetwood through an annual precept.

The aim of Fleetwood Museum is to be a place of outstanding historical significance. Educating the young, reminding the old & inspiring future generations to investigate their heritage. It’s integral to the heart of the community, a place where visitors can come together to learn, engage and belong. 

Much more about the history of Fleetwood Museum here

Find all kinds of interesting things inside Fleetwood Museum...
Find all kinds of interesting things inside Fleetwood Museum…

Fishing, Chemicals and Salt

Each room, nook and cranny houses artefacts, photos, and relics from the past. Exhibits bring the industrial heritage of the area to life. Learn about the salt mines and chemical manufacture. Plus of course the fishing industry on which the town was built.

Displays about fishing and local industry
Displays about fishing and local industry

Don’t forget to see Harriet

Visit the huge boatshed to the rear of the main building. Inside is housed the Harriet, Fleetwood’s last remaining fishing smack.

Harriet Fishing Smack on display at Fleetwood Museum
Harriet Fishing Smack on display at Fleetwood Museum

The boat is literally moored on dry land inside the shed – from the floor it looks huge! Find out how the boat sailed dangerous waters to feed local people – and the fishermen who braved the voyage.

Find out about Harriet Fishing Smack

Just  get in touch – phone 01253 876621 or email – and please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

Fleetwood Museum Shop

No trip to a museum is complete without a visit to its shop. Take away a memento of the town – you’ll find some interesting products on sale including an interesting range of local history guides.

Gift shop at Fleetwood Museum

Sir Peter’s Coffee House

Fleetwood Museum also has an exceptionally good coffee shop too. Just through the main doors and on your left you’ll find the gift shop and coffee shop. And you don’t have to pay the museum entry charge to use either of them. Why don’t you pop in and have a brew and a bite to eat?

Sir Peter's Coffee House
Sir Peter’s Coffee House

School Visits

The world is changing ever more rapidly and Fleetwood Museum offers and ideal window into the past for today’s young people.

School visits to Fleetwood Museum are hands on and involve active participation and object handling. There’s a variety of different sessions to choose from. Your school could make several visits!

Due to the historic layout of this listed building, access to some areas is difficult. Please get in touch before your visit so your time can be as enjoyable as possible. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Just  get in touch – phone 01253 876621 or email – and please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

Volunteers Wanted

Fleetwood Museum is opened and operated by an amazing team of more than 50 volunteers and one member of staff.

Volunteers needed to help out at the Museum. Could it be you?
Volunteers needed to help out at the Museum. Could it be you?

They produce the exhibits, man the building, serve in the cafe, operate the gift shop. They do literally everything to keep the place open for visitors.

There’s a task for everyone and all kinds of skills are needed. From practical, hands-on building skills to creative people to put sets together. People who like doing paperwork to those with good people skills.

Why don’t you get involved? Not only is it rewarding, but you’ll make lots of new friends.

Just  get in touch – phone 01253 876621 or email – and please mention you saw it on Visit Fylde Coast!

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