Lytham St Annes Civic Society

Lytham St Annes Civic Society

The Lytham St Annes Civic Society was formed in 1960 and has a membership of well over 400.

Over the years it has become the key independent organisation for the area in monitoring and commenting on planning issues. It is respected as an informed pressure group which conscientiously endeavours to protect and improve the built urban environment in which we live.

We are part of a network of over 700 civic trusts and societies whose aims are to ensure good design for new buildings, to respect the historic character of the local environment, and to protect parks and open spaces.

Our coastal areas are very special places. We do not think that any commercial development should be permitted either on the Green and foreshore at Lytham or in the dunes at St Annes. In 1997 we raised £14,000 in order that the Council could demolish and not redevelop a derelict nightclub at Lytham, and soon afterwards fought very hard (but failed) to try and stop the re-development of the derelict Blackburn Home at St Annes.

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We have supported the resurgence of Lytham Hall as a community asset and hold events there whenever possible. We have supported their applications for lottery funding and contributed to specific projects.

One of our aims is to raise and stimulate awareness of local environmental issues through lectures, publications and exhibitions. We have close contacts with other national and local groups with similar aims. These include The Victorian Society, English Heritage, The Council for the Protection of Rural England, The Open Spaces Society and The Heritage Trust for the North West. We also work in partnership with Fylde Borough Council.

The award winning Witch Wood woodland walk was created by the Civic Society in 1974. A team of volunteers still maintains and improves it as a public amenity. Over £20,000 has been spent on path improvements there in the last few years. We have a programme of Blue Plaques being placed around the town. These commemorate notable residents, events and buildings of interest.

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We believe that conservation groups such as ours are an important counterbalance to both commercial pressures and political “spin”. We are a voluntary organisation relying on the spare time and good will of individuals who wish to help achieve our aims and raise awareness in the local population.

* We have a general committee to consider issues and actions of the day, a technical committee to consider planning applications, and other groups where non committee members can take part in order to take projects forward.

* Witch Wood is managed by the Witch Wood Trust although still owned and supported financially by the Civic Society.

* A newsletter is sent out every three months, written, assembled and hand delivered by volunteers.

* A programme is produced each year of social events, lectures and visits.

* We have large archive of photographs and old postcards.Our finances and membership records are administered efficiently.

* We are constantly being consulted and alerted by members of the public concerned by threats to the historic environment. We always hope for the re-use of significant local buildings, not their demolition.


Witch Wood
Witch Wood

Sand dunes at St Annes
Sand dunes at St Annes








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