St Annes Community Groups

St Annes Community Groups

One of the great things about the Fylde Coast is the sense of community. Find out about some of the many St Annes Community Groups – and how we can help.

Plenty of things to do with St Annes Community Groups

The Fylde Coast is a very popular retirement area. It’s a very flat area, a beautiful place and there’s plenty of suitable accommodation for older people. Don’t imagine that you’ll retire to St Annes to drift off into the sunset! It’s more likely that you’ll wonder how you ever found time to work!

There are lots of community groups that anyone of any age can join. From art to zoo keeping (well volunteering with animals anyway) there’s an organisation for everyone.

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We’ve covered just a few of them in this section.

How we can help St Annes Community Groups

The majority of community groups are excellent at what they do. They’re well known within their own circle of family, friends and supporters. Often though, their huge efforts and successes can go unnoticed by the general public.

We want to share your successes and news. Please get in touch and share your stories.

Share your Stories

Visit Fylde Coast will provide free coverage of the community groups that you support, enjoy being part of and work hard to make successful.

We want to know how and why you formed. What do you do, who do you help? How do members benefit and how can people can volunteer? Do you want more members, more funding or more people to help? We can help you to spread the word about what you are doing. And don’t forget that this site is also part of the much bigger Visit Fylde Coast.

Promotion for community groups who don’t have paid staff and charge for services is completely free.

Visit Fylde Coast is published by The Rabbit Patch Ltd. We are an independent business funded by advertising revenue. Sorry, but there’s a charge to promote funded charities/organisations and commercial businesses. Take a look at our great value advertising package which will give you excellent coverage.

Send in your Information

Just send your stories by email to

Don’t forget to include some photos. Nice smiley shots please, of you all doing what you do best! We’ll then put a page in this section for you about your group.

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Take a look at the Visit St Annes website homepage for the latest updates.

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    As a major contractor with volunteering commitments we would like to a have a day cleaning the beach of rubbish, particularly plastics. Open to other suggestions to fill our day or to join other existing groups. We would probably have in the region of 10 people and can provide our own equipment.

    I am hoping you can help with information as to if this is possible? Do we need permission from the Local Council? General advice and ideas.

    Hope you can help!

    Liz McCloskey

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