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Looking across to north Wales from St Annes
Looking across to north Wales from St Annes

beach beyond the dunes at St Annes
Beach beyond the dunes at St Annes


Views Across the Sea

Like the rest of the Fylde Coast, the views are spectacular from St Annes seafront

If you’ve got the legs to climb the sand dunes near Squires Gate, you’ll get a spectacular view of Blackpool from St Annes – standing tall on one of the few coastal high spots it’s a fabulous view of the coastline.

You’ll also see inland to the airport and across the former Pontins holiday site with a different perspective of the surrounding streets.

You're looking out across the Irish Sea, at the area where it meets the wide estuary mouth of the River Ribble when it starts to turn inland at Lytham.

Looking left across the beach and the sea you’ll just catch sight of Southport which is to your immediate left across the water. Turning slightly further right is Formby, then North Wales, and finally the furthest point in the water is Anglesey.

The view of the beach itself is worth a look – even at high tide there are vast stretches of golden sand exposed and at low tide there are beaches as far as the eye can see!


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